LEO organization is the non-Governmental organization established in Zanzibar, Tanzania under act (6) of 1995. LABOUR’S EMPOWERMENT ORGANIZATION and its acronym as LEO . It has been established to transform and empowers youth development in term of youth employment (being employed and self-employed) in Zanzibar (Unguja and Pemba) by working in different projects closely with government and all relevant stakeholders including local and International agencies and organizations that would be ready to invest in youth creativity and sustainability. Through that as we are among the youths from Zanzibar who came up with this idea of connecting our power and working as team to support our fellow youth who might be facing the challenges of unemployment.

Hence the decision to foster youth in social and economic development in Zanzibar, there is a need to design in different development projects so as to support youth in term of employment in Zanzibar.

This approach of LEO organization is to the provision of opportunities to youth in order to participate in various activities;

  • Creation of entrepreneurs who invest more on their ideas.
  • Internships programs so as to enhance technological transformation.
  • Access to different sponsorship concerning fields of creativity.
  • Bridge a gap between youths and government through Involvement of youths in contribution of country’s development.
  • Involving in different volunteering programs.


LEO as a non-Governmental Organization has the following main objectives:-

  • To establish and construct training learning centers for improvement Educational quality in Zanzibar.
  • To establish creative industries that designed to work with youth entrepreneurs.
  • To provide intellectual trainings to youth after proper demand assessment to facilitate employability and job linkages.
  • To provide support in implementation of various activities relied on education, agriculture, health, tourism and environment for creating opportunity for youth employment in Zanzibar.
  • To work close with the government, to support and participate in the development of Blue economy projects and creating conducive environment for youth employment.

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Our Roles

LEO as a non-Governmental Organization has the following main roles:-

  • To design projects and find investor so as to support youth employment in the relation of education, agriculture, health, tourism and environment for the development of Zanzibar.
  • To encourage youth on issue of self-employment as the means to fight against unemployment.
  • To mobilize and empower youth by giving them skills and assisting them in realizing and utilizing their potentials individually and collectively.
  • To undertake all relevant activities, including implementation of specific projects funded by government, bilateral, multilateral and other funding agencies for youth employment and youth development.
  • To works with all Zanzibar state leaders in their constituencies to invest in project and training center.