Zanzibar is one among few Islands in the world that has been more benefited with Tourism. The beauty of the name Zanzibar, humor and generosity of his people, the richness of well-maintained culture with strong pillars of peace and tranquility as it has been a catalyst for a large influx of tourists to these Islands. For decades, tourism has become the key of economic sector contributing to a significant portion of GDP (30%).

Despite the success of tourism in Zanzibar, still the sector has a lot of challenges including the dirtiness in Tourist Attraction Areas due to lack of good management of waste disposal and unstable waste management. The environment in Tourist Attractions is unsatisfactory and this leads to the loss of the charm of those attractions and endangering the marine conservation, health and safety of tourists and locals at large.

This project will take place in the whole Tourist Attraction Areas of Zanzibar.

The approach of this project is to provide a sustainable solution regarding disposal of waste in tourist attraction areas and revive back the beauty that was lost by raising awareness, cleaning of areas and preserving the waste disposal management by providing bins and creating sustainable waste management chain.

This project will provide wide range of opportunities that would directly benefit the locals within their community and create strong connection to work closely with the government and other stakeholders.

Project Statement

Dirtiness in Tourist Attraction Areas is caused by poor management of waste. In the long history of Zanzibar, different stakeholders took measures in conserving environment especially by providing bins, waste pit and raise awareness to the areas that are benefited to their programs that were not sustainable and unfortunately the problem increased time to time because of poor arrangement of waste management.

The research has been conducted to find out the source of dirty environment in Uroa village. The Labour’s Empowerment Organization (LEO) found that the wastes that usually produced in the village go straight to the beach and destroy the marine conservation and sometimes course the infectious disease to the community. This is because there are no awareness measures taken by locals and other stakeholders to solve the challenge. Moreover there is no environmental campaign that took place in the area that could alter the situation.

Project Implementation Plan

This program will start from February 2022 in all tourist attractions in Zanzibar.

The project aims at providing sustainable solution that will influence the community to conserve their environment and particularly managing waste. The project will also focus on empowering locals by giving the education on the importance of conserving their tourist attraction areas.
The project consists of 5 activities that includes
  1. Conduct meeting with Key actors engagement

    There will be a special meeting of involving the key stakeholders that in one way or another are responsible with the project area to reach the target goal. The following below are key actor engagement that will be involved in the Project;

    (a) Commission of tourism

    (b) Municipal Council

    (c) Ministry of Health and

    (d) Local government

  2. Raising awareness Program
    The awareness program will take place by conducting the training program to raise awareness to the people around tourist attraction areas and other investors engaged in different economic activities, restaurants, Hotels, and Bangalores situated in Uroa Village.
  3. Media coverage
    There will be a wide range of using the media to reach the targeted audience in different ways including;

    (a) Mass media

    (b) Promotion materials

    (c) Social media

  4. Waste cleaning campaign
    This will be a campaign of cleaning the whole villages of tourist attraction areas where different groups of youth will participate in the campaign. The waste that will be collected will be transfer to the main collection point.
  5. Provision of bins and launch sustainable waste management
    The project will provide waste bins to increase the management of waste disposal in various points of the Uroa Village and Tourist Attraction areas. These bins will be designed by using ALUCOMOND materials that will be permanent bins which it’s composite panel consisting of two aluminium cover sheets and a fire-retardant and have capability of resisting long life and friendly to the environment. It will be designed with 3 bin system of that contain of waste /trash, organic and recycle parts.
    These bins will reduce the disposal of waste off to the beach as the current situation shown and will be used to dispose in the bin with the aim of improving the status of the beach (tourist attraction) and strengthening the tourism sector and obtain the clean environment for the safety of tourists and locals.

Objectives of the Project

  1. To prevent locals and tourist against epidemic and infectious diseases.
  2. To motivate locals to conserve their tourist attraction environment and use the opportunities around them for their benefits.
  3. To provide awareness to every local regarding safe environment and tourism.
  4. To change the attitude and point of view of the locals that not only municipalities responsible for the clean environment but everyone should be responsible to ensure clean environment.
  5. To create employment opportunities for local youth.
  6. To support government attention in achieving the goals of keeping Zanzibar clean especially in the tourist attraction areas.
  7. To promote productive tourism for the development of country’s economy.
  8. To conserve Marine ecosystem, health and tourist attraction environment.
  9. To ensure that the marine environment is clean for the purpose of preserving sources of marine living.
  10. Reduce the influx of tourists to one place for the promotion of tourism in Zanzibar.

In realization of these goals, there is strong alignment between Zanzibar government and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) the project will support on the following goals;

  • Goal 13 – CLIMATE ACTION
  • Goal 14 – LIFE BELOW WATER
  • Goal 15 – LIFE ON LAND

Outcome of the project

  • Free of epidemic and infectious diseases.
  • Locals seize opportunities that surround them.Feeling safe and anxiety during time spend at beach areas.
  • Youth employment opportunities.Sense of propriety to the locals.
  • Clean marine environment for blue economy.
  • Productive tourism for the development of country’s economy.
  • Preservation of tourist attraction environment.
  • Increase status in tourist attraction.
  • Investors to seize opportunities in Zanzibar.
  • Advantageous connection to government in the tourist attraction areas.
  • Increase of tourist in tourism attraction.

Sustainability and Opportunity of the Project

This project will provide sustainability waste management in Uroa.The locals will take over the project soon after being launched for the purpose of continuity hence the locals will change the behaviour of destroying their environment and have attitude of cleaning and keeping it safe. In this way, the project will create youth employment opportunity in enabling the sustainable waste management cycle be completed.

Word of Thanks

On behalf of Usafi kwa Maendeleo ya Utalii, the Labour’s Empowerment Organization (LEO) would like to thank you for supporting this project that would benefit the Uroa Community. We are delight to work together in strengthening the unity of supporting the government in empowering the youth and rural areas.

Labour’s Empowerment Organization (LEO) will also work closely with the Government especially with Ministry of Tourism and Heritage, Ministry of Information Youth Culture and Sports, Commission for Tourism and Local Government Authority in the implementation of the project.

This coorporation will bring massive development for youth, Tourist Attraction Areas, rural areas and country at large